Time asks ‘is fiat dead?’ as 98-year-old mag seeks Bitcoin-savvy CFO

A person placing the last piece of a head-shaped jigsaw coloured using the Time Magazine brand palette

Time Magazine is on the lookout for a new chief financial officer — and whoever gets the gig should be Bitcoin-savvy.

In a job ad posted to LinkedIn on Monday, Time says it’s looking for someone comfortable with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The company says it needs the successful candidate to guide the title as the media industry undergoes “rapid evolution.”

Unfortunately, the posting doesn’t explicitly state how crypto fits into the role. Instead, it mostly references investments and financial reporting while requesting assistance to improve the company’s money strategy and growth trajectory.

This is all pretty standard for a top position with one of the world’s biggest media brands.

However, the ad went live just as Time announced auctions for three NFTs inspired by its 1966 “Is God Dead?” cover, alluding to the usefulness of crypto experience in the position.

At press time, the highest bid for Time’s upcoming “Is Fiat Dead?” cover is 27.5 ETH ($49,000).

Time’s NFTs are available via SuperRare, along with digital versions of two other frontpages — 2017’s “Is Truth Dead?” and the soon-to-be-published “Is Fiat Dead?”.

Crypto experience wanted

Time is just one of many brands looking for crypto-literacy in new hires.

Last week, New York’s Guggenheim Museum posted an ad for an intern that asks “how will blockchain and cryptocurrency change how a museum defines its collection strategy?”

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And Amsterdam tech firm Growth Tribe went a step further and actually listed a job post as an NFT on Rarible.

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