Dorsey sold his first tweet for $2.9M in Ethereum, but charity gets Bitcoin

This is a GIF of a book that Jack Dorsey should read now that he's sold his first ever tweet for Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $2.9 million worth of Ethereum as the billionaire settled his informal Non-Fungible Token (NFT) auction on Monday.

Blockchain entrepreneur Sina Estavi submitted the winning bid after exchanging offers with TRON’s Justin Sun — a serial marketeer in charge of the blockchain ecosystem in which Estavi’s tech resides.

  • Dorsey listed the tweet on December 15, 2020, attracting $1 to start.
  • 14 bidders vied for the associated NFT, which the platform describes as a “digital certificate” of the post.
  • Estavi and Sun were the only bidders to submit offers over $1 million.
Dorsey’s ‘genesis tweet’ sold for 1,630.6 ETH ($2.9 million).

Twitter billionaire Dorsey previously promised proceeds from the sale to charity Give Directly, which transfers cash to people in need. 

But how can you, like, own a tweet, man?

Dorsey is famously pro-Bitcoin, so the sale of his tokenized tweet for Ethereum raised eyebrows among insiders at the time.

  • NFTs can be used to denote the ownership of a digital asset.
  • Cent’s Valuables platform mints NFTs tied to replicas of specific tweets.
  • Buying those NFTs is pitched as patronage that benefits the poster.

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Dorsey would later share plans to convert crypto from the NFT sale into Bitcoin before donating it to Give Directly.

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