Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon beats extradition again

The extradition of Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon was revoked by the Appellate Court of Montenegro today after a successful appeal, sending him back to court where he will undergo a retrial.

On December 29 last year, the Podgorica High Court ruled that the legal requirements were fulfilled to extradite Kwon so that he could be prosecuted by either South Korea or the United States.

However, a translated press release shows that the appeals court has vetoed the High Court’s ruling due to “significant violations of the provisions of criminal procedure.”

As a result, the court has “returned the case to the court for retrial and decision,” pointing out that “the wording of the decision is incomprehensible, the decision has no reason for decisive facts, and the reasons given are unclear.”

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Kwon successfully appealed his extradition on December 19. However, the High Court ruled against this on the 29, leading to this further successful appeal from Kwon’s legal team.

According to today’s announcement, the High Court failed to account for specific procedures regarding who has the authority to decide on a shortened extradition. In addition, the High Court “did not determine in an unquestionable manner” the order in which South Korea and the US petitioned for Kwon’s extradition. 

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