Spread the love with Protos’ crypto-inspired Valentine’s cards

It’s that time of year again, romance fans. Put the champagne on ice, memorize your favorite Shakespearean sonnet, and put in a call to your priciest local florist because Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.

Yep, whether you’re joining seven or eight of your work colleagues for an orgy at your Bahamas penthouse, or prefer a quiet night of transferring coins to your definitely legit Skype-only girlfriend in Southeast Asia, love is most definitely in the air.

And what better way to sprinkle a little romance than with a classy, subtle, but above all sickeningly sentimental card?

Well, lucky for you, Protos has you covered.

Following the runaway success of last year’s Valentine’s cards we’ve once again brought together some of our best lines to help you let the crypto-loving object of your affection know exactly how you feel.

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Remember, due to their highly powerful aphrodisiac properties, these cards aren’t to be sent to anybody with a heart condition or under the age of 18. Please use them responsibly.

Happy loving!


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