Son of former Aussie politician charged with trading crypto for drugs

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The son of a former Australian politician has been charged with running a dark web crypto-for-drugs operation.

Police claim that over a period of six years, 37-year-old Mark Chikarovski, son of Kerry Chikarovski, a former New South Wales Liberal leader, took thousands of orders for illicit substances, including MDMA, meth, and cocaine.

When police arrested Chikarovski at his Bondi apartment on Thursday, he was reportedly wearing gloves and was in the middle of preparing drugs for postage. When authorities searched his property, they discovered roughly $269,000 worth of crypto, $30,000 in cash, computers, drugs, and two Porsche SUVs.

The moment Chikarovski was arrested and escorted from his home.

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Police said: “We don’t believe that he was even aware that law enforcement had an interest in his activities at the time.” 

Police charged Chikarovski on Friday morning with 31 offenses, including the supply of illegal drugs and handling the profits of his dark web operation.

He’s been granted bail on the condition that he doesn’t use any electronic devices, gives up his passport, and reports daily to the police. 

Chikarovski’s next court date is scheduled for July 13. 

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