OpenAI exec’s Twitter account hacked to steal crypto

The Twitter account of artificial intelligence firm OpenAI’s chief technical officer was hacked on Friday to share a scam promotion of a fraudulent OpenAI cryptocurrency airdrop.

Mira Murati’s tweets informed users of an ERC-20 token airdrop “driven by artificial-intelligence based language models.” The token’s name was OPENAI.

A malicious link took users to a page that copied the likeness of another crypto and AI project called ChainGPT. The main difference between the two is the link offering users to connect their crypto wallet.  

One of the screenshots taken of the OpenAI Twitter scam in action.

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As reported by Cointelegraph, a security researcher from the blockchain security firm Beosin told the publisher that the Twitter scam uses a crypto wallet draining kit that “lures visitors into signing requests.”

They added, “Once the request is signed, the attacker will transfer NFTs and ERC-20 tokens out of the victim’s wallet.”

Murati’s verified Twitter account has 126,200 followers. The post was reportedly up for just an hour and was viewed 79,600 times. It received 83 retweets before it was deleted. 

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