Martin Shkreli tells reporter to ‘lick my balls,’ New York cancels his crypto event

Convicted pharma fraudster Martin Shkreli told a Daily Beast reporter to “lick my balls” on social media yesterday after the New York Department of Education (DoE) canceled his scheduled crypto talk at a Brooklyn high school.

Students at Brooklyn Tech had invited the former pharmaceutical chief to give a talk on the industry, along with crypto and AI, slated for Tuesday. Shkreli, who served nearly seven years in prison for securities fraud, brought social media attention to the event after telling a reporter that he wasn’t welcome.

“Daily Beast, you’re not invited to the main event,” Shkreli wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter). “However, I will offer you an exclusive opportunity to lick my balls immediately afterward.”

Hours later, Shkreli’s talk was “indefinitely postponed.” Brooklyn Tech’s crypto club said on Instagram that the DoE saw it as a “bad PR risk.” Shkreli claimed the Department of Justice was tipped off by Noah Kirsch, the Daily Beast journalist. The outlet denies this.

“motherfuckers, i will host a parade in brooklyn on a harambe float in front of the DoE building, you dont know me,” the 40-year-old threatened.

40-year-old Shkreli lives with his sister in Queens, according to his probation officer.

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When it appeared the event was cancelled, Shkreli provided Kirsch with a quote: “’I am not mad. Less work for me is better. I like having fans but I don’t want to do work for them because I am lazy. So it would be good if it was cancelled, but I think we will do it somewhere else, which is bad for me because I am lazy and I said earlier in this quote.’

Shkreli added, “You’re honestly doing me a favour, I put this appearance off for like 6 months, but I do feel bad for those kids.”

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