Mark Cuban invests in Mintable and adopts Dogecoin in the same week

A Shiba Inu peeking out from behind a Dogecoin jersey, in the likeness of Mark Cuban's NBA team.

Celebrity investor and crypto convert Mark Cuban announced on Thursday his NBA team will accept payments in Dogecoin — because it can.

Speaking with the New York Times’ Dealbook newsletter, Cuban justified the move by saying, “sometimes in business, you have to do things that are fun.”

Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks has accepted Bitcoin payments via BitPay since May 2019 in a bid to offer what it calls “a seamless experience to purchase merchandise.”

However, not everybody buys the ‘fun’ approach to crypto. Galaxy Digital boss Mike Novogratz recently called investing in a joke like Dogecoin is a mistake, and voiced concerns that naive investors could get burned.

NFT marketplace Mintable is a Mark Cuban Company

Cuban has espoused the ingenuity of NFTs of late, but now it looks like the Shark Tank star is fully onboard.

Thursday also saw crypto art marketplace Mintable announce it’s “proud to be one of the Mark Cuban Companies” after the billionaire invested an undisclosed amount.

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Mintable, like rival platforms Rarible and OpenSea, allows users with no technical or coding know-how to create NFTs and offers ‘gasless minting’ for artists to deploy work for free.

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