Bitcoin treasury stocks down since $58K — except Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital bucks the Bitcoin treasury trend, as shown by this graphic.

Stocks with sizable Bitcoin treasuries have struggled since the top cryptocurrency peaked — except one.

Galaxy Digital, the crypto firm run by Wall Street exile Mike Novogratz, gained 11% between Bitcoin’s record high on February 19 and March 4.

Bitcoin dropped 13% from its peak, and while it’s hard to quantify its influence over Bitcoin treasury stocks (bar MicroStrategy), Galaxy clearly stood out.

  • MicroStrategy dropped over 30% since Bitcoin’s all-time high.
  • Tesla and Square lost 20% from their share prices.
  • Riot Blockchain stock was hardest hit, down over 37%.
Stocks with Bitcoin treasuries under 1,000 BTC ($48 million) not shown.

Galaxy operates as an investment bank and trading desk within the crypto space, and last month disclosed $1.2 billion in assets under management — up 45% in the year-to-date.

The company holds 16,402 BTC ($793 million), which Bitcoin Treasuries says is the third largest for a public company and double the BTC held by Jack Dorsey’s Square.

Not just Bitcoin treasury stocks in the red

Digital asset manager Voyager Digital performed second-best, down around 8% and on par with the tech-heavy NASDAQ 100 index.

Indeed, benchmark indices NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 are also in the red since BTC peaked.

This renders the link between our treasury stocks and Bitcoin’s price a little more tenuous — but that only further highlights Galaxy stock.

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Of course, as always with Bitcoin (and increasingly with Bitcoin treasury stocks), it helps to zoom out.

Looking at returns over the past year, every stock with a sizable Bitcoin treasury has outperformed the benchmarks.

However, it’s worth noting Bitcoin has now outperformed MicroStrategy and Tesla — the two stocks with the biggest treasuries — over the past year.

Unfortunately, Galaxy Digital stock dropped up to 10% during Friday morning trade. Let’s see how it sticks the landing.

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