Hackers threaten Satoshi film director with “unsettling” videos

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The director of a spoof movie based on the reimagined antics of pseudonymous bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto has claimed that a group of ‘crypto hackers’ has anonymously threatened him and his wife.  

Tom Sands, the director behind Decrypted, told the Daily Mail how the hackers sent him “unsettling” videos before the film’s US launch earlier this month. 

Using a synthesized voice, they told the director, “You have crossed a thick red line with your so-called comedy about Satoshi Nakamoto. Don’t throw your life away — pull the film now.”

“I will say the last video threat got under my skin because they knew personal details about me and they threatened my wife,” said Sands (via the Daily Mail).

The film focuses on Satoshi, his creation of the world’s first crypto, and the US government’s efforts to destroy the currency. It currently has a rating of 5.3/10 on IMDB.

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Sands claims the anonymous persons told the team to tell the film in a “very specific way,” or they will “close down production.” 

A Daily Mail exclusive in November revealed the crew had received threatening messages during production of the film, with some taking offense to the usage of Satoshi Nakamoto’s name. 

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