Four suspects face death penalty in South Korea crypto murder case

Four South Korean citizens are facing execution amid allegations that they kidnapped and murdered a woman over a failed crypto investment. 

Lee Kyeong-woo, Hwang Dae-han, and Yeon Ji-ho were all indicted for kidnapping the 48-year-old victim in the Gangnam Ward, Seoul, on March 29. It’s claimed that they murdered her the following day.

Prosecutors allege that the accused were paid 70 million won ($51,000) by Yoo Sang-won and Hwang Eun-hee after the couple purchased 100 million won ($74,000) worth of virtual currency and invested 3 billion won ($2.2 million) at the victim’s recommendation in October 2020.

Yoo and Hwang reportedly became embroiled in a dispute with the victim over the investment in struggling crypto ‘fine dust coin‘ when its price plummeted and they began to incur losses.

Lee then allegedly suggested they steal the victim’s crypto and kill her. Lee, Yeon, and Hwang Dae-han are then alleged to have buried the victim 140km south of the city. 

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On Monday, Korean prosecutors requested that all four involved in the crypto murder should face the death penalty while Yeon should face life imprisonment. As reported by Newsis, prosecutors argued that “Most of the defendants do not regret their crimes and continue to criticize the investigative agencies.”

They added, “To establish judicial justice, punishment commensurate with the serious crime is absolutely necessary.”

South Korea has not conducted an execution since 1997 but 60 convicts remain on death row. 

Lee has admitted to the charge of robbery but denies conspiring to or committing murder. The couple also deny the charges.

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