Former Grenada ambassador Justin Sun is entering a world of pain

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Local Grenadian media reported that Tron founder Justin Sun lost his ambassador status and title ‘His Excellency’ during the summer of 2022, despite keeping up the pretence on social media in the months following.

Sun’s @HEJustinSun Twitter handle continued posting through October. As previously reported by Protos, the last documented video of ambassador Sun representing Grenada at the World Trade Organization is an unlisted YouTube video from his June trip to Geneva.

Sun is experiencing tumultuous times. His stablecoins are unable to maintain their peg; last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit over alleged market manipulation and offering unregistered securities. With news of Sun losing his ambassadorship now surfacing, it looks as though the cryptocurrency founder may be running out of places to hide.

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Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Sun, a Chinese citizen, is no longer welcome in China. Meanwhile, the US is actively demanding he appear in court to face a trial by jury regarding the SEC’s allegations.

Where could Sun run off to if he so desired? It’s unclear which countries would welcome the crypto billionaire, but he maintains close connections in the Caribbean islands, Europe, and Asia. The number of nations that would refuse to extradite him is unclear, and likely close to zero.

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