Did Justin Sun’s diplomatic immunity get revoked?

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The cryptocurrency industry is abuzz with rumors that His Excellency Justin Sun, founder of the TRON blockchain and ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for Grenada, has lost his ambassadorship, and possibly his Grenadian citizenship, as well.

Protos reached out to the Grenadian foreign affairs office, asking if it currently had an ambassador to the WTO and if it was still Justin Sun. We were told that Grenada’s foreign affairs office would be “issuing a formal statement shortly” and that “changes have been made across the diplomatic core.

They didn’t clarify further. Protos also reached out to Justin Sun repeatedly for comment — he didn’t respond.

Justin Sun’s WTO presence has been minimal

Sun acquired his Grenadian citizenship and ambassadorship in December of 2021 when he, apparently, made a large investment in the island nation. The ambassadorship provides Sun a cloak of diplomatic immunity when in Geneva on diplomatic missions. It’s unclear exactly how much time Sun spent in Switzerland over 2022.

While Sun still prominently displays the H.E. (His Excellency) title across his social media accounts and during interviews, it isn’t yet clear if the cryptocurrency billionaire, who made a desperate bid on Credit Suisse this past week, still retains the title. During his tenure, the ambassador has tweeted only 25 times from his account @HEJustinSun. Sun released a single unlisted video on YouTube in his most recent tweet from October 2022 under this handle.

The tweet that kicked off rumors of Justin Sun’s citizenship revocation.

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The billionaire faces an onslaught of regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny, with his stablecoins (TUSD, USDJ, and USDD) depegging, his exchange tokens collapsing, and several prominent Chinese investors, supposedly, accusing Sun of fraud.

No one is 100% sure where Sun currently resides, though he’s been seen in Singapore and has been making claims of returning to Hong Kong. This article will be updated if and when Sun or the Grenadian government update us.

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