Crypto media falls for $16 render of Shiba Inu billboard in Times Square

That spectacular Shiba Inu billboard in New York’s Times Square is actually a digital mock-up that can be bought on Fiverr for just $16.

A spectacular Shiba Inu (SHIB) billboard in New York’s Times Square reported to be behind the meme crypto’s soaring price on Monday is actually a digital render that can be bought online for as little as $16.

Crypto outlets like Decrypt said the billboard had a hand in a 16% spike that put SHIB within reach of its previous all-time high.

This Twitter account is full of gibberish.

However, Twitter’s #SHIBArmy excitement was shot when the billboard’s owner Silvercast Media tweeted to confirm the video doesn’t actually show one of its $50,000-per-day ads.

Indeed, it looks remarkably similar to a post on freelance website Fiverr.

The ad offers to mock up anything you want on this sought-after site in Times Square for about $16.

SHIB has since given up about 5% of yesterday’s gains.

Shiba Inu billboard not far-fetched (but still fake news)

While the Shiba Inu advert never actually happened, crypto billboards are cropping up all over the place.

And NFT collectors are big fans, turning city blocks into their own personal art galleries to show off their collections.

Creators are also getting in on the act. Back in June, New York-based marketer-turned-artist Jonathan Rosen debuted his own NFT collection on the seven-storey tower of the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Crypto and NFTs became part of our shared reality in 2021.

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Promoters billed the exhibition as “The Biggest Drop in Times Square since New Year’s Eve.”

Not to mention, Shiba Inu knock-off Floki was recently plastered all over London’s metro in a bid to attract interest.

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