Your guide to metaverse Halloween parties 2022

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Happy Halloween! If you’re interested in checking out some Halloween-themed metaverse, crypto, or NFT parties today, read on. If you’re new to virtual reality, metaverses, OpenSea, MagicEden, or the hundreds of costume-friendly NFT communities on Discord, YouTube, or Twitch, it’s simple to stop by and say hello.

Several organizations have already held their metaverse Halloween parties over the weekend, but you might still have a chance to find one later today. Today is, after all, Halloween 2022!

Sponsored metaverse Halloween events will be easy to find

Most of the major metaverse platforms like Horizon Worlds, Decentraland, and The Sandbox will have Halloween welcome banners upon logging in. Just follow the signs to the nearest party. As expected, a few brands have chosen metaverse properties to host Halloween-themed galas.

  • The packaged foods giant Frito-Lay is hosting an event where users can explore “Chesterville” in Meta’s Horizon Worlds and earn a chance to vote on which retired flavor Cheetos should be brought back for a limited time.
  • Super League Gaming is sponsoring the Minehaunt Spooktacular in Minecraft and Roblox again this year.
  • Celebrities jumping into Halloween-themed events in metaverse properties include Paris Hilton, hosting “Cryptoween” in The Sandbox. The Cryptoween event runs concurrently with Halloween-themed events that The Sandbox added to Alpha Season 3.
The Sandbox advertises today’s spooky festivities for Halloween 2022

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  • Meta and Universal Pictures have teamed up to give fans a chance to win a virtual meetup with horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis on Horizon Worlds.
  • The is reviving its Halloween event with locations like Halloween Mansion and Halloween Forest.

IRL Halloween Meetups might take some scaring up

Since the beginning of the industry one decade ago, cryptographers have found organizing crypto meetups ⏤ let alone a Halloween-themed party IRL ⏤ more difficult than mining a Bitcoin block, as recorded in infamy by this 2011 Bitcointalk member (The replies seemed moderately less than enthusiastic about a My Little Pony costume. Maybe a #FreeFluffyPony costume instead?).

Local digital asset groups are having better luck bringing out today’s crypto crowds.

  • The “Monero Enthusiasts and Doers NYC” group posted about a Halloween-themed Monero meetup in New York City’s Washington Square Park today at 6:00 pm EST. Fluffy Pony costumes welcome. The meetup organizers, who call the event “Monerotopia,” seemed celebratory of OFAC’s backtracking on sanctions against Tornado Cash and offered refunds to attendees who bought masks.
  • San Francisco’s Broadway Studios is hosting “Tales from the Crypto,” a Halloween extravaganza sponsored by Essential Enterprises. It will start at 6:30 pm PDT.
  • The Crypto Coven x NFT SF Conference Halloween Bash will start at 8:00 pm PDT in San Francisco, though tickets already sold out. Try to get in at the door with an incredible costume?
  • International events include Dubai’s Hustle Halloween Crypto Yacht, where ticketholders can socialize with fellow digital asset enthusiasts in a Halloween-themed yacht party that starts at 8pm Gulf Standard Time.
  • Someone in Napoli, Italy, is amusingly holding a funeral for NFTs starting at 12:00pm CET. R.I.P.

Scaring up a local digital asset-themed Halloween event might take some digging. Coming up with a costume that would scare hardcore members of the digital asset community only takes a bit of imagination and a few off-the-shelf items. If in doubt, you could always slap a digital asset logo on a zombie costume and go as the most-definitely-dead Zombiecoin.

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