Using bitcoin to buy this flame-throwing robot dog saves you 10%

Bitcoin holders in the market for a terrifying fire-spewing robot dog can now get 10% off if they make their purchase using the world’s most popular crypto.

The four-legged flamethrower — official name ‘Thermonator’ — is currently priced at $9,420 but, according to its seller Throwflame, buyers can knock off $942 if they use bitcoin to make the purchase.

If that wasn’t a sweet enough deal, Thermonator comes with free US shipping and a further discount if bought in bulk as a ‘wolf pack.’

To create the four-legged death-dealer, Throwflame has taken a Unitree robotic dog and strapped to it one of its own ARC flamethrowers. In addition to the flame unit, which boasts a range of 30ft (9m), Thermonator comes bundled with obstacle avoidance, an HD camera, one hour of battery life, and a laser pointer. It can also be remotely controlled using a mobile app.

Throwflame claims, “Thermonator is the first-ever flamethrowing quadruped robot dog.”

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According to Throwflame, uses for Thermonator include, “Wildfire Control and Prevention, Agricultural Management, Ecological Conservation, Snow and Ice Removal, and Entertainment and SFX.”

Throwflame also offers government agencies, including the army, navy, and air force, the opportunity to purchase Thermometer through a government portal. 

New York’s Police Department has previously utilized robot dogs created by Boston Dynamics as a means of surveillance during dangerous operations. These models were capable of patrolling alongside the police without requiring someone to control them.

Update April 26, 08:53 UTC: Clarified the Thermonator dog is based on a model of robot created by Unitree, and not Boston Dynamics.

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