Twitter user mediates resale of stolen Bored Ape NFT, incriminates self

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In what is becoming a common occurrence in the cryptocurrency industry, yet another purchaser of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has had an Ape stolen through their own laziness and carelessness.

The stolen Ape is one of hundreds that have been ripped from the hands of BAYC and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) owners – a depressing statistic proving that self-custody has a long way to go before the average investor can accomplish it. But this particular case shows just how stupid the web3 criminals are, as well.

After having their NFT stolen, Twitter user Yieldasaurus posted begging for the criminal to sell the Ape back to him at cost. Instead, speaking through a mediator and, ultimately, an accessory to the crime, a user going by Khalissman offered to sell the Bored Ape back to Yieldasaurus for 66 ETH (eventually the price was set at 58 ETH, which Yieldasaurus, begrudgingly, paid).

Idiot loses ape, idiot incriminates self on Twitter

After blaming everyone but themself, yelling at online strangers for hours, calling people poor, and wondering why all of Twitter was excited to see them lose their expensive NFT, Yieldasaurus also yelled at the accessory to the theft.

But the five hours of internet cringe won’t be the funniest part in the drama: Khalissman has a verified Twitter account, which means that they either supplied credit card information or other personal information to Twitter which can and will be used against them if criminal charges are pressed.

Khalissman defended their decision to mediate the sale, but users pointed out a slight problem.

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It’s therefore likely that, if Khalissman isn’t the one who actually stole the NFT, the thief will be discovered when Khalissman is ordered to give up who they worked with to sell it back to Yieldasaurus.

So, if the names, thefts of ugly NFTs, and obscene behavior from the person who was stolen from isn’t enough, web3 is absolutely host to some of the dumbest criminals on Earth.

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