The Weekend Shift: workouts, spaceships, floating villages

Welcome to the 12th Weekend Shift!

What’s the deal? Over the weekend, we’ll update this post with some of the most interesting Bitcoin and crypto articles, podcasts, charts, and opinion pieces we’re too busy to write about.

OK, only crypto? Not necessarily. We do that Monday to Friday, so we try to explore new subjects on weekends.

Feel free to join in and submit entries on Twitter. Any topic is fair game.

Sunday – 4 April

3 years ago
Happy Easter!
Lille might be falling apart, but the french football team is clinging to the title.
Have you seen this Bond villain weekend villa in Greece?
Job well done.
Better late than never.

Saturday – 3 April

3 years ago
Great to see Protos making the list!
3 years ago
Do you remember Waterworld?
Love is in the air.
True that.
Want some?
Give peace a nice cup of tea.
Every single day?
Out of the disco, straight to the warehouse.
Too good to be true, but still human ingenuity at its finest.
The new silver spaceship is rad.
Tim’s on a roll.
It’s good news, mostly.
OK, Joe.
Interested in great chair design? Look no further than the final frontier.
Tunnel vision.
Monumental art is all around.
Piano and chill.

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