Silk Road Bitcoin, Ledger leak lawsuit, HSBC crypto snub

Listen to the most important stories in Bitcoin and crypto covered by our newsroom in the past week.

What we know about Ledger and Shopify’s class-action lawsuit

In one instance, hackers posed as the non-profit Stellar Development Foundation to phish crypto from a Ledger wallet user.

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Square’s COPA asks UK court to rule Craig Wright didn’t create Bitcoin

Despite numerous publicity stunts, Wright has been unable to prove they built Bitcoin — now the UK High Court could weigh in.

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HSBC snubs MicroStrategy stock after CEO buys too much Bitcoin

HSBC effectively reasoned that MicroStrategy now derives too much of its value from Bitcoin, so its customers can no longer buy MSTR stock.

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Silk Road hacker who stole $4B in Bitcoin allegedly outed as US fraudster

Billions of dollars in Bitcoin was seized from Silk Road’s hacker in November — potentially the most lucrative criminal seizure in US history.

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