Forget Hashmasks, these rare Twerky Pepes are taking over

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Digital art collectors have spent over 75 ETH ($136,000) on a new collection of rare Twerky Pepes this year — and they’re appreciating rapidly.

LeBron Peps, for instance, originally sold for 0.07 ETH ($128).

But most recently it fetched 2.5 ETH ($4,500) on NFT marketplace OpenSea, a near-3,500% increase.

There’s also ones for Musk, Dogecoin, and Soujla Boy: all were recently bought for $1,000 or more above their first auction prices.

Others are less popular. Cardi Peps hasn’t appreciated at all despite multiple resales, neither has Twerky Clay Doge.

But a new drop from self-styled ‘Walmart of NFTs’ Pranksy is by far the most sought after Pepe right now.

In total, collectors have already spent 21 ETH ($38,000) on Twerky Pranksy. It went on sale less than one day ago.

Twerky Pepe #37, valued at 0.13 ETH ($240.29)

We found Peps for NFL stars Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes the next most popular. 

NFT buyers have sunk around $20,000 worth of Ethereum into those, with Peps Mahomes appreciating by 120% since the Superbowl.

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Sadly, the cryptocurrency made specifically for buying and selling rare Pepes, PEPECASH, is now defunct, after its last supporting exchanges delisted it last year.

Luckily, there’s Ethereum.