Nilam Resources stole logo from skateboard brand Powell Peralta

Nilam Resources — the penny stock company that intends to purchase 24,800 bitcoin — isn’t only having corporate and staffing issues (its CEO/president quit shortly after the announcement of the letter-of-intent to buy the 24,800 bitcoin), it’s having graphic design and legal issues too.

After a Redditor (reasonably) asked why Protos had used the logo of Powell Peralta skateboards, we looked into the claims. Indeed, it appears as though, outside of some cropping and slight shifting of the logo’s placement, Nilam Resources, a holding company involved in “Medtech, Fintech, and Climatetech,” stole the intellectual property of Powell Peralta skateboards.

Skateboarders silent on logo, Nilam losses continue

Protos reached out to Powell Peralta, and while the company agreed that the logo looked almost identical, the 46-year-old, California-based skateboard maker chose not to comment on what that would mean for Nilam Resources.

Though Nilam briefly traded for almost $0.38 a share last week it is, at the time of writing, trading for $0.003 and still has a caveat emptor designation from OTC Markets. Nilam claims it doesn’t know why OTC Markets gave it this unfortunate designation.

NILA price chart showing the sudden interest caused by its bitcoin acquisition announcement.

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Protos will follow this story and keep readers updated if anything changes.

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