Justin Sun faces criticism for SEC tokens and inappropriate tweets

Since losing his ambassadorship to the World Trade Organization (WTO), getting sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and watching his tokens get massacred by the market, Justin Sun has made a series of incredibly questionable decisions.

Among them is the ‘SEC-focused token’ giveaway that Sun’s crypto exchange Poloniex recently published and then deleted on Twitter, after prolific crypto lawyers and shitposters raised concerns over the Easter weekend.

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What even is an ‘SEC-focused token’ anyway? It’s a good question. According to Poloniex, the definition is reserved for Ripple’s XRP, Binance Exchange token BNB, BitTorrent’s BTT, Justin Sun’s Tron, FTX exchange token FTT, and REN (a bridging cryptocurrency).

So, why exactly would Poloniex delete a tweet about trading these tokens? Well, it probably has something to do with not wanting to draw attention from the US, specifically SEC regulators and Justice Department (DoJ) investigators who may be crawling through the endless hell that is Crypto Twitter. But does it really matter that it deleted the tweet?

Of course not! The giveaway for so-called ‘SEC-focused tokens’ is still very much active, according to Poloniex. The company just deleted the tweet because it would rather regulators not participate.

Protos has reached out to Poloniex for comment and will update if and when we hear back.

Justin’s FT interview

In an interview with the Financial Times China, Sun discussed the SEC lawsuit, saying he expects it to be settled and doesn’t consider it to be a big deal — in fact, it’s “a misunderstanding” and Tron and BitTorrent are “financial enterprises, just like Ethereum.”

Sun also refused to acknowledge his ownership of Huobi for some reason, stating that he’s “a consultant,” a “committee member,” but “not involved in day-to-day operations.”

The cryptocurrency founder admitted that he had lost his ambassadorship to the WTO for Grenada, but said he remained focused on the Caribbean as a whole. Indeed, he’s pushed for crypto adoption in Dominica and Saint Martin (two countries/territories with a combined population of 150,000).

Lastly, Sun claimed there were no hardened definitions for securities in the US (which isn’t true) and that rules and regulations in regard to cryptocurrency in the States are in their infancy.

But wait, an SEC-focused token is just the start

In another sad, lonely, and totally unwholesome tweet from Sun, he quite openly tried to get friendly with a woman who he saw at a conference, referring to her as a ‘goddess’ and asking her to participate in the Huobi First Sister Web 3.0 New Female Beauty Contest. Yikes.

The next day, he hired her to host ‘Huobi Hong Kong Night.’

I’m just glad that Sun is focused on what’s important — which isn’t SEC lawsuits or his token’s prices, but rather the affection of a young woman he’s never met.

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