Illegal crypto mining rigs found in Poland’s Supreme Administrative Court

Flying under the radar of Poland’s top judges, the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw has been secretly housing crypto mining rigs in the ventilation ducts.

The startling news was confirmed by a judge to local outlet tvn24 on November 9. Apparently, the crypto mining rigs were discovered by a technician back in August, immediately prompting an investigation by the prosecutor’s office and the Internal Security Agency.

Prosecutors hope to charge those responsible with electricity theft. But prosecutor Szymon Banna told tvn24 that so far, no one has been charged with a crime.

While the culprit remains unknown for now, the firm responsible for maintaining Poland’s Supreme Administrative Court building has been fired, along with two employees who were directly responsible for maintenance in the area that the rigs were found.

Local media has been unable to confirm reports that the crypto mining rigs included modems. If true, they weren’t connected to the court’s internet. According to Judge Sylvester Marcinniak, chairman of the Judicial Information Department of the Supreme Administrative Court, the illicit crypto mining rigs “did not result in any threat to the security of data stored in the [building].”

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Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time that a top official building in Poland turned out to house illegal crypto mining rigs. Two years ago, the IT guy at Warsaw’s police headquarters turned out to be siphoning electricity to power his own crypto mining operation.

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