Billy McFarland raises just $400 in ETH for Fyre Festival sequel

Billy McFarland, famous for his failed “Fyre Festival”, has decided to work on a new event that he’s calling Fyre II.

McFarland spent four years in prison for fraud after disappointing thousands who attended the first Fyre music festival on a private Caribbean island in 2017.

Fyre II was discussed in a recent X (formerly Twitter) Space, where McFarland said there was no musical lineup yet, that buying a ticket would “promise nothing,” and that if it happens, Fyre II would likely take place in a year. McFarland also explained that he was fascinated by crypto because he “missed the bull run while in jail.”

On March 4 McFarland tweeted a request for people to send him ETH, saying that he would “take the 2 people who send the most as my personal guests to FYRE II.”  So far the largest donations have totaled 0.05 ETH each, meaning the potential winners spent roughly $200 on the supposed promise that McFarland will bring them to Fyre II.

This is much less than the individuals who got ripped off for the first Fyre Festival, who paid up to $12,000 dollars to stay in FEMA-style tents and eat white bread and lettuce sandwiches.

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Metaverse, Jetskis, and Music

The new Fyre II – which, again, promises nothing and has no confirmed lineup or location – will supposedly have a digital/metaverse implementation and a livestream, according to McFarland, although he wasn’t able to quantify exactly what that would encompass.

He also stated that while he hasn’t watched either of the Fyre Festival documentaries from Netflix or Hulu, filming has already begun for a documentary detailing Fyre II.

It is unclear if McFarland is going to take any legal responsibility for Fyre II, or if he’s hoping to only be the marketing behind it. In the Space, McFarland stated that there’s an investor sponsoring 51% of the festival and that he has a team working with him to build the festival.

McFarland said that the “ticket sales and announcement” will take place in mid-April, but a Fyre Festival II website is already up and running, allowing visitors to insert their contact info if they wish to stay updated.

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