Eiffel Tower NFT just sold for $130K Ether — here’s some cheap knockoffs

This is the Eiffel Tower, but the keychain version to show that we're writing about knockoff NFTs.

A non-fungible token (NFT) of the Eiffel Tower sold for 38.5 ETH ($131,000) on OpenSea last week.

Italian augmented reality (AR) developer OVR minted the NFT, which is tied to a bundle of 60 digital hexagons representing the land on which the Eiffel Tower sits.

OVR divided the world into 1.6 trillion hexagons and sells corresponding NFTs to denote ownership of the digital real estate.

A screenshot of the Eiffel Tower NFT auction on OpenSea.
OVR’s NFT sold to an OpenSea user named Camembert.

The highest bidder can create their “own virtual world” in the AR app — but beyond playing games and hosting parties to earn the platform’s native token, there’s not much to it.

It’s also worth noting this isn’t an “official” Eiffel Tower NFT. Anyone can issue NFTs for anything they like — moments, celebrities, even whole genomes.

But if you really love this particular steel tower and don’t have a hundred thousand to waste spend, there’s plenty more affordable contenders.

“Eiffel Tower NFT” by Famous Places

This is a Eiffel Tower NFT that's cheaper than the one that just sold for $100,000.
Seemingly inspired by John Cleese‘s Brooklyn Bridge. No offers yet.

“It rains in paris” by Passione43

Sold for 3 ETH in June 2019 ($1,830 then, $9,930 today).

“Eiffel Tower taken by the Alliens” by Surreal Cities Collection

List price: 1 ETH ($3,300).

A janky GIF of Louis Daguerre by KIMCCI

Louis Daguerre was a French artist whose name is one of 72 inscribed on the Eiffel Tower, and one of many now permanently etched into my brain.

Hey, it’s on sale! Its list price was 2 ETH, and is now 1 ETH ($3,300).

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Still, the new owner of OVR’s Eiffel Tower NFT seems rather pleased:

I am very excited about my new NFT acquisition on OVR. I also recently bought some unique football cards such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Zinedine Zidane but this one is very special.


Camembert hopes to invite David Guetta to their augmented Eiffel Tower party.

In any case, people have been romanced by buildings long before the rise of NFTs.

Does OVR have Berlin Wall hexagons?

[H/T: Bitcoin News]

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