David Sacks-backed Michelle Tandler shutters another business

If you’re unfamiliar with Michelle Tandler, consider yourself lucky. The VC-funded mouthpiece has made herself a thorn in the side of many in San Francisco by pushing for a consistent string of recall elections and spewing wild absurdities on Twitter. These include claims that “dogs are getting addicted to meth-laced feces” to push a pro-conservative, pro-VC narrative.

For what it’s worth, methamphetamine is almost exclusively eliminated through urination, not defecation.

Now, unfortunately, her latest business, Growth Path Labs, has failed.

So, what exactly was Growth Path Labs? Apparently, it was “an audio-first learning company that provides audio courses for professional growth.” Sound vague? It was. The company, which launched in March 2022, has released roughly a podcast a month and a handful of articles. It’s unclear how much she raised for this “company.”

David Sacks ties

Tandler’s last venture, Life School, was funded by David Sacks’ Craft Ventures. The startup “taught people one new skill at a time by deeply researching topics… and summarizing them in two minutes.” Some of the deeply researched topics covered include how to boil water, how to make tea, how to season water, and how to boil vegetables.

Tandler brought attention to herself and her company on April 9 when she posted a tweet that seemed to imply that bringing public hangings back to San Francisco would dramatically reduce crime in the city. To defend her argument, the founder pointed out that countries such as Egypt, India, and Japan still allow hangings.

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Wrong place, wrong time, wrong business

The two could be unrelated, but the fact that her business shuttered a mere week after she disgustingly suggested that public lynchings were maybe a good thing is funny timing. So, what does the entrepreneur plan on doing next?

Well, the genius took to Twitter to ask the platform in a now-completed poll. The options included starting a podcast, launching a media company, or getting a job. While most people voted for Tandler to get a job, the wealthy San Francisco-based Karen seems to have decided everyone actually wants her to start a podcast.

She has no idea what the podcast will be about yet.

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