Crypto short squeeze, Bitcoin ransom refunds, Tesla patches BTCPay

Listen to the most important stories in Bitcoin and crypto covered by our newsroom in the past week.

Ransomware hackers want to return Bitcoin — but they’ll keep the change

Hackers behind the prolific Ziggy ransomware want to refund extorted Bitcoin but the conditions imply they’re still in for a profit.

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Crypto whale stuck in $150M short squeeze during battle for tiny altcoin

A crypto whale built a short position in a tiny altcoin equal to about 25% of its circulating supply. Then came the squeeze.

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Goldman Sachs lands crypto 180, readies rich clients for Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs solidified its Bitcoin change of heart, confirming it intends to offer a “full spectrum” of crypto investments to clients in Q2 this year.

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Risk to user Bitcoin ‘unlikely’ after Tesla spots bugs in BTCPay code

Tesla identified vulnerabilities in the code of open source Bitcoin software BTCPay Server, which had affected all previous versions.

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