Crypto billionaires boom in US while China lags behind

US has a lot more crypto billionaires than China.

The US boasts 12 of the world’s 17 cryptocurrency billionaires, with Coinbase chief exec Brian Armstrong leading the pack with $11.5 billion.

The remaining five on Hurun’s crypto rich list are residents of China, barring Binance’s Changpeng Zhao, who’s listed as a resident of Singapore.

Hurun estimates the world’s crypto billionaires are together worth $62.8 billion.

It’s worth noting the top three are chiefs of cryptocurrency exchangesCoinbase, FTX, and Binance.

Those figures alone make up nearly half of the net worth of all crypto billionaires.

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Cryptocurrency remains in a legal grey area in China, with banks effectively banned from doing business with Bitcoin exchanges.

Instead, China seems content with pushing the enterprise blockchain narrative with a side of CBDCs — which can help explain the disparity between nations in Hurun’s rich list.

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