Charles Hoskinson names ‘good guys’ and ‘bastards’ in Cardano fairness list

Charles Hoskinson has placed crypto YouTube channel Altcoin Daily top of a list of crypto news outlets ranked on how fairly they treat Cardano. Coincidentally, the YouTube channel that hosted this highly impartial investigation into media biases was… Altcoin Daily.

During the video, Hoskinson stresses that the outlet’s favorable rating wasn’t given “just because we’re being interviewed.”

Indeed, according to the Cardano and Ethereum co-founder, “[Altcoin Daily] have a huge audience, you’ve always been friendly, you’re nice guys, and you try to get things right and accurate.”

Altcoin Daily has 1.48 million subscribers and creates videos with clickbait titles.

Hoskinson then ranks CoinDesk a B, saying it’s been accurate and fair in reporting hard forks. Hoskinson considered buying the publisher last year, and claimed during the interview that he passed on the purchase as there would be “a mismatch of what we perceived to be the value in their expectations.” 

Hoskinson ranks Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan’s podcast in the S tier alongside Altcoin Daily. However, he puts Crypto Banter, Bankless, and ‘mainstream media’ in the D tier.

He claimed the host of Crypto Banter loves Luna and FTX while hating Cardano and described Bankless as “bastards.” He said Bankless are “not legitimate people,” and that they’re “not actually interested in having an intellectually honest conversation about Cardano.”

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He then discusses ‘mainstream media’s’ political and philosophical narratives, describing outlets as following an agenda of, “We like the guy in the White House now, so what we’re gonna do is be anti-crypto.” 

He says, “If you’re going to talk about something, talk with a beginner’s mind, try to understand and acknowledge what your biases are,” before describing his own biases in crypto. He doesn’t mention any possible bias in his Altcoin Daily tier list ranking.

It’s unclear why Altcoin Daily failed to include Protos in the Hoskinson tier list but we can confirm the newsroom is distraught

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