This boring TikTok went viral after pivoting to Vitalik Buterin cringe

These awkward Vitalik Buterin videos are going viral on TikTok.

Until five days ago TikTok account @VitalikDoingThings posted mundane history content with little success. Now, it’s full-time crypto cringe featuring Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin — and it’s going viral.

Buterin, the 27-year-old Canadian-Russian programmer behind the second largest blockchain, became crypto’s youngest billionaire when Ethereum peaked at over $3,000 in May.

TikTok channel @VitalikDoingThings documents the lovingly awkward public life of Ethereum’s lead brain.

  • The account was previously named “History Facts and Stories” but switched to Vitalik vids last week.
  • Before that, the account only boasted 3,600 followers with 142,600 likes.
  • @VitalikDoingThings now has 100,000 followers and 2.6 million likes.
Pre-Vitalik TikTok account stats courtesy of Exolyt.

It’s not clear what encouraged the account to drop the history and pick up the Buterin.

What’s apparent is that whoever manages the feed has curated some of Vitalik’s most meme-able moments

8-bit Mile

Buterin’s monster bars about Ethereum’s scalability at EDCON Sydney from 2019 brought the TikTok account nearly 200,000 views.

Buterin munching greens in 4K

“Those who ate the most leafy vegetables — one to two servings a day — scored the equivalent of 11 years younger on tests of mental ability than those who ate little or none,” reported The New York Times, citing a study in peer-reviewed journal Neurology.

Buterin goes woof

In May, Buterin burned nearly all the Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens gifted by the project’s creator, before donating potentially $1 billion in SHIB to India’s COVID-19 relief fund.

Buterin then woofed at the rise of so-called “dog coins” on the Lex Friedman podcast.

Six blocks deep

Buterin might be a crypto billionaire but he somehow manages to keep an air of common man.

Indeed, Ethereum’s co-creator goes nasal spelunking just like the rest of us plebs.


Billionaire Vitalik picking his nose and whipping it on the couch for Shiba to sit on. 😂 #ether #ethereum #eth #vitalik #vitalikbutrin

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

Applause for VitalikTok

Still, Buterin isn’t one to shy away from the camera — a sign he’s comfortable enough and that the attention doesn’t phase him.

And now we have this TikTok to catalogue his most memorable moments. 

The @VitalikDoingThings TikTok sports a link to an ERC-20 token in its bio. As with any other investment, Protos advises caution and encourages our readers to always do their own research.

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