Bitcoin’s price is breaking records every 4 days on average

The Bitcoin price records rollercoaster goes up and up and up and up.

Bitcoin hit $61,788 on Saturday, according to TradingView, the cryptocurrency’s 17th price record this year.

Averaged out, that works out to be a new price record for Bitcoin every four days in 2021.

Bitcoin set a new price record every five days on average during the last bull run in 2017.

But Bitcoin has a long way to go if it’s to outperform its ghost from four years ago.

According to the data provided by TradingView’s BTC price index, the world’s top crypto set a grundle-punching 70 all-time highs in 2017 — more than any other year.

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The only other year in which Bitcoin came close was 2013, when Bitcoin surged from $13.56 to over $1,200 at its peak (a 9,000% rally).

For scale, Bitcoin was up about 110% for the year-to-date as it set its latest price record on Saturday.

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