Bitcoin obituary site now sorts ‘shit’ coins from ‘dead’ ones

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Ofir Beigel launched 99Bitcoins as an educational resource years ago. Today, crypto fans mostly know it for calculating the times news outlets have declared Bitcoin “dead.”

Now, Beigal says the community still can’t tell the difference between ‘shitcoins’ and ‘dead’ ones.

To help differentiate, 99Bitcoins has taken over the Dead Coins Project. It tracks the thousands of expired altcoins gone bust since the headiest days of 2017’s ICO bubble.

Coins don’t make it for many reasons: lack of interest, development halts, or they were simply scams all along.

Dead Coins was however neglected. Eventually, it was declaring clearly ‘alive’ cryptocurrencies deceased, including TRON, Dogecoin, Tether — even Bitcoin.

Speaking with news portal Beincrypto, Beigal noted anyone could submit cryptocurrencies to the database, adding “the community sometimes mistakes a shitcoin for a dead coin.”

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To correct the database, the site’s new maintainers reportedly set safeguards to ensure only truly defunct coins make it onto the list.

According to the new Dead Coins, 1,558 cryptocurrencies have unofficially bit the dust — a number Beigal expects to keep growing.

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