Bitcoin hits a new ATH, $100M of hacked Bitfinex crypto on the move and Yearn swallows Sushi

  • $100M of crypto stolen from Bitfinex in 2016 is on the move [Dr Kiril Kretov]
  • Bitcoin surges to a new all-time high [CoinMarketCap]
  • Yearn merges with Sushi [Andre Cronje]
  • Tezos looking to incorporate shielded transactions [Tezos]
  • Ethereum’s hashrate and mining difficulty increase amidst Ether rebound [EtherScan]
  • Bernstein Research admits Bitcoin’s asset allocation role [CoinDesk]
  • Huawei partnership to increase BitTorrent reach by billions [UToday]
  • BitMEX welcomes Alexander Hoptner as CEO [The Block]

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