Bitcoin for Banksy, collapse for Chia, arrest for mixer

Listen to the most important stories in Bitcoin and crypto covered by our newsroom in the past week.

A history of Bitcoin Fog, the crypto mixer that washed 6% of BTC’s supply

Bitcoin Fog was a crypto mixing service that made transactions anonymous, which is what this mask full of coins represents.

The founder of Bitcoin Fog posted 84 messages on BitcoinTalk. Here’s what they tell us about the history of a now defunct Bitcoin mixer.

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Coinbase to handle Bitcoin and Ether for Sotheby’s $3M Banksy auction

Arms holding auction paddles featuring Bitcoin and Ethereum logos and Coinbase brand colours

The Banksy auction will be the first time a major house has accepted cryptocurrency for a physical artwork.

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BitTorrent creator’s new crypto Chia collapsed 50% on launch

Chia logo being snipped by a pair of scissors

Bram Cohen’s Chia tanked by half when it launched on Monday. Are investors rejecting the ‘eco-friendly’ Bitcoin alternative?

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Bitcoin miners flock to upstate NY — this Senate bill would stop that

New York does NOT love Bitcoin mining, at least that's what a recent bill sent to the Senate suggests.

A New York bill has proposed a three-year ban on Bitcoin mining centers in the state, enough time for a full environmental impact review.

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