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Crypto without the confusion

We know crypto can be tough to understand. 

But we also know it doesn’t have to be. The digital money revolution should make life easier, not harder; clearer, not more convoluted.

Protos cuts through the noise to provide clear insight, considered expert opinion, and market-moving information as efficiently as possible.

Who are we for?

We believe that crypto will reshape the financial landscape and open countless opportunities for the individual, not just the institutions. 

The power of financial freedom should be accessible to everybody, and not restricted to Wall Street fat cats and connected insiders.

So, Protos is for you.

What do we do?

We’re acutely aware of the role journalism plays in the space, which, despite the best efforts of worldwide regulators remains legally chaotic.

Given this lack of regulatory oversight, it falls on newsrooms to act as the industry’s information filters. That’s why our tagline reads: “Informed crypto news.” 

Instead of carefully crafted narratives that avoid critical analysis, Protos sets the bar for honesty higher than ever, and makes no apologies for opting out of the spin.

Protos is independent

When it comes to our content, journalistic rigour and unshakable integrity dictate what we publish.

We’re not in the pocket of any advertiser or sponsor. This means our editorial decisions are made without commercial or political interference, allowing us to avoid conflicts of interest. 

Our sponsored or paid media will always be clearly framed as such and kept entirely distinguishable from our editorial content. 

Get in touch

You can drop us a line if you have any questions at [email protected]


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