YouTuber finds abandoned mansion and Bitcoin mine of ‘crypto millionaire’

An urban explorer says they have discovered a crypto millionaire’s $4.2 million abandoned mansion that features a derelict basement suited for Bitcoin mining and a room filled with boxes of unused protective medical equipment. 

YouTuber Freaktography uploaded the exploration video of the abandoned mansion in late July. He claimed a “crypto king” once lived there after discovering a garage basement with boxes of graphics cards and cooling fans strewn across the floor, lines of shelving suited for computers, and multi-foil insulation covering the windows. 

The garage above the supposed abandoned Bitcoin mine is padlocked shut from the inside whilst the entire mansion is also boarded up. Freaktography says, “Whoever owns this place has made it completely inaccessible, even to themselves.”

The unknown crypto milllionaire’s abandoned mansion includes a large spiral wooden staircase, a swimming pool, and a master bedroom with a large step-up jacuzzi. However, the mansion is now leaking water while squatters take refuge in the property. There are also signs of scrapping, the practice of ripping copper out of walls to sell elsewhere.

A living room inside the mansion (via Freaktography).

According to an interview with Freaktography, the property is located in south Ontario, Canada. However, the property is not the same as the one in Burlington eyed for purchase by Aiden Pleterski, another “crypto king” from Ontario that lost $40 million in investor funds and was reportedly kidnapped and tortured. 

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