You can now see Binance law enforcement requests for $10K in Bitcoin or Monero

You can now buy access to Binance’s law enforcement request panel for $10,000 in bitcoin or monero, according to a post on black hat hacking discussion site Breach Forums.

As reported by CoinDesk, darknet publication InfoStealers detailed how law enforcement computers in Uganda, Taiwan, and the Philippines were hacked earlier this year leading to “stolen browser-stored credentials and unauthorized access to Binance’s login panel.”

Binance reportedly uses Kodex, a third-party service to provide access to its panel, suggesting that rather than Binance itself being breached, it’s poor network security on behalf of law enforcement that’s to blame.

Image courtesy of BreachForums.

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Speaking to CoinDesk, security expert and journalist Brian Krebs explained the increasing popularity of attacks like this which target government and law enforcement institutions.

“Some hackers have figured out there is no quick and easy way for a company that receives one of these EDRs (emergency data request) to know whether it is legitimate,” he said.

“The hackers will send a fake emergency data request along with an attestation that innocent people will likely suffer greatly or die unless the requested data is provided immediately.”

He explains that these vulnerabilities are due largely to “inadequate verification mechanisms and the vast number of police jurisdictions.” The answer, he suggests, is for more secure and reliable processes.

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