X user wants ‘deceptive’ Satoshi and Bitcoin accounts to lose checkmarks

Two popular Bitcoin-related X (formerly Twitter) accounts should have their blue checkmarks removed for using “misleading and deceptive” identities, claims a prominent pro-Bitcoin account.

According to @Pledditor, the two profiles are in breach of the platform’s terms of service, specifically those that forbid using someone else’s identity without disclosing that you are, in fact, a parody account. 

“It’s no different than making a fake “Tesla” or “Elon Musk” account,” says Pledditor.

While the identities of the individuals or groups behind these accounts cannot be confirmed, Pledditor seems adamant that they are definitely not Satoshi. And it appears they’re not alone. The @satoshi account, which appears to have resumed posting this month after a five-year break, has already seen its posts subject to X disclaimers.

Specifically, its first post since its hiatus comes with the message:

“This isn’t the real Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin. It’s an account related to Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi with no material proof.”

The second of its comeback posts is tagged with a similar clarification.

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Craig Wright allegedly used forged docs to prove he’s Satoshi

Last week, the ongoing ‘is Craig Wright or is Craig Wright not Satoshi’ saga took another twist when former nChain CEO Christen Ager-Hanssen claimed that Wright tampered with evidence and witnesses to deceive the public regarding his claim to be the pseudonymous Bitcoin mastermind.

Ager-Hanssen leaked a series of screenshots and documents, including the claim that Calvin Ayre had an agreement to earn up to 50% of Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin that Craig Wright professes to own.

He also alleges that Wright has been using forged documents to deceive various courts in which he is currently fighting lawsuits. In some cases, Wright’s arguments depend upon proving that he is the true creator of Bitcoin.

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