Solana cancels orders after thinking it had more Saga phones than it did

Solana has issued an apology after an “inaccurate representation” of its inventory meant it was forced to cancel orders for its long-awaited — and poorly reviewed — Saga phone.

According to a statement issued by Solana on Friday, it has seen “overwhelming demand” for the new handset and has sold out its run of 20,000 units in the US and Europe.

However, many would-be buyers were left disappointed when the company announced that a foul-up with its third-party distributor meant they would receive a refund rather than a new phone.

“In working to fulfill orders,” Solana wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “we learned of an inventory management issue with our third-party distributor that resulted in an inaccurate representation of our inventory.

“Given this, we are unfortunately unable to fulfill orders that were placed after inventory ran out.” 

Solana says that affected customers have been notified and that they should be receiving their refund “in the coming days.” Conversely, it says that those who haven’t received a cancellation notice can expect their phone to ship by the end of the year.

The company says that it has also “canceled orders that were flagged for suspicious activity due to excessive device orders or payment risk” as it works to “get Saga in the hands of as many users as possible.”

You may be glad your Solana Saga order was canceled

If recent reviews are to be believed, those who have had their orders canceled may be the lucky ones.

According to tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee’s 2023 ‘Smartphone Awards,’ the device is the ‘Bust of the Year,’ featuring a weak camera, display, and battery.

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In a short online review, Brownlee said of Solana’s gadget, “There is actually no price that I would recommend anyone buys this phone.

“Buying this phone is like buying a timeshare. It might seem like a good idea for two seconds but the second you actually do it, you realize how horrible of an idea it was.”

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