RoaringKitty returns to pump GameStop, stock market breaks

Protos previously reported that GameStop was quietly rallying again, this time without the assistance of Keith Gill (aka DeepFuckingValue, aka RoaringKitty). However, that’s apparently no longer the case as Gill reappeared this weekend, not only on X (formerly Twitter) but also on Reddit.

On X, Gill simply posted a green Uno reverse card, while on Reddit he shared his portfolio composition that appears to show $115 million in GameStop stock and ~$66 million in GameStop call options. The post is the first time that Gill has shared anything on Reddit since April 2021.

It’s unclear how Gill was able to acquire so much capital unless he was able to bottom and top-tick GameStop stock previously or is receiving some sort of outside funding.

Gill’s return prompted GameStop to shoot up in price yet again, from $22.91 to over $40.00 a share at open. Since then, the stock has largely returned to earth, trading at just over $30 as of writing. RobinHood customers reported overnight trading issues largely related to price volatility and volume.

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Stock market breaks, Berkshire woes

Meanwhile, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is having anything but a normal day, with numerous brokerages having outages, multiple stocks going untraded for minutes at a time, and the highest price stock on the exchange — Berkshire Hathaway Class A shares, which normally trade for over $600,000 apiece — plummeting over 99% for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

Forbes accidentally used the faulty data to update its rich list, showing Warren Buffett falling thousands of places and losing hundreds of billions of dollars in a day.

Berkshire Hathaway Class A shares haven’t recovered or shown actual pricing and it isn’t currently being traded. Significantly, the company’s Class B shares haven’t seen the same type of value disintegration, falling less than one percent.

The NYSE stated that it’s investigating a technical issue on the exchange related to limit up-limit down orders, but didn’t get into specifics.

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