Pump.fun update means memecoin devs can now livestream their ass

Attention-hungry memecoin devs are sharing nudes, suicide threats, and porn to pump.fun after the Solana-based platform introduced livestreaming.

Pump.fun announced the new feature last night, telling users to “go wild.” And so far, they haven’t disappointed. Indeed, while most of the new coins flooding the platform seem harmless and are marketed with kittens or dogs, others are promoted with explicit pornographic and racist material. 

For example, one user using the ticker ‘BUTTHOL’ was caught livestreaming his bare behind, along with a description that read simply, “This a livestream of my Butthole.”

This X (formerly Twitter) user kindly censored the livestream for their followers. 

Another user created a coin with the ticker ‘GLOCKLIVE’ and decided to promote it topless while wearing a mask and pointing a gun to their head. This description read, “First pistol live killing myself at bonding curve first pump.fun suicide.” 

The platform has also been embroiled in controversy with a number of celebrities after a man called Sahil Arora claimed to be using it to create memecoins associated with high-profile public figures including Caitlyn Jenner and singer Iggy Azalea.

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Despite shilling the $JENNER token, Jenner — or whoever is running her account — turned against Arora, saying that he may end up in prison because he f*cked with too many powerful people.

Iggy Azalea is also shilling her own pump.fun memecoin called Mother, after Arora reportedly attempted to promote his own Azalea-themed coin, Iggy. Azalea posted on X, “Fuck $IGGY that will never be a thing go awayyyyyyyy,” and told Arora to “take your L and go already.” 

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