Caitlyn Jenner says Sahil Arora ‘f*cked with too many powerful people’

Despite constantly shilling $JENNER, which launched on the Solana meme coin platform, it appears as though Caitlyn Jenner — or whoever is running her account — has an issue with the individual who supposedly helped her get it off the ground.

While the token’s market cap is currently sitting around $25 million, the value has fluctuated 60% over the past couple days. There is no known use case for the token and its unclear how Jenner is involved other than by shilling the coin on her X (formerly Twitter) account.

After an individual tweeted “ARREST SAHIL RIGHT NOW,” Jenner replied with, “I have a feeling that could be in his future. Too many powerful ppl he fucked with.”

Deleted tweets and other celebs

According to a Decrypt article, Sahil Arora has taken credit for a number of recent celebrity meme coin launches, including one linked to Rich the Kid. The rapper claimed that his X profile had been hacked but later decided to take ownership over the token.

Jenner took to X to advertise another token called $BBARK, seemingly named after her dogs Bertha and Baxter, but deleted the tweet later to add the fact that she was an “early investor” and that the tweet was “just an ad not my token or coin. Completely focused on $jenner.” She tweeted this nearly a dozen times over the day before deleting the ‘ad’ altogether. $BBARK has already fallen to nearly zero dollars in value.

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Rapper and singer Iggy Azalea tweeted that she “was in contact enough [with Aroroa] to smell he’s a bitch.” She added that she would be “deleting all [her] shitposting so [her] manager doesn’t think [she’s] gone insane.”

It’s unclear when, but Azalea has also hinted toward starting a token of her own, stating “I actually f*ck with y’all, be back later.”

Regardless, Arora has claimed that he’s in contact with dozens of celebrities and will be creating meme tokens for the lot of them. There has, however, been no confirmation of these claims.

It’s also unclear how much of a say the 74 year-old Caitlyn Jenner has in regard to her tweets, as rumor is that her ‘live-in agent’ Sophia Hutchins has been in full control of her X account.

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