NFT founder used investor funds to fuel crypto casino addiction

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Popular streamer and serial NFT project founder DNP3 has admitted to using investor funds to fuel his gambling addiction.

The social media star has over one million followers and subscribers across Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube and is particularly well-known for highly-publicized acts of generosity, including handing out huge sums of money to other streamers.

DNP3 also had a hand in founding a number of NFT projects, including CluCoin, the Gridcraft play-to-earn platform, and the Goobers NFT project.

In a statement issued on January 3, the streamer revealed that over the past year, he’s become addicted to gambling and has pumped “every dollar he could find” into the Stake crypto casino. Life savings now gone, DNP3 described himself as “completely broke both financially and spiritually.”

“Over the last year, I got incredibly addicted to gambling. Every dollar I could find I would put into Stake in hopes of winning big. Even when the big wins did happen it wasn’t enough. Eventually, I lost everything… I also irresponsibly used investor funds to try and get my money back from the casino which was wrong for so many reasons.”

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The disgraced social media star then went on to apologize profusely, saying that “there aren’t words to describe the level of shame and guilt” and calling his confession “my attempt to break free.”

He wrapped up by saying that he’s working with a help group to aid his recovery.

According to Web3 is Going Just Great, the extent of the damage done to the projects involved and those who have invested in them is still unknown. However, DNP3 does say that he’ll create a separate tweet that will include the next steps relating to each of the projects he was involved with.

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