Munger and Kissinger deaths bring profits to shitcoin traders

When Berkshire Hathaway vice chair Charlie Munger died on Tuesday aged 99, the world lost one of its most vocal crypto critics.

Famed for his particularly uncompromising anti-Bitcoin (or “rat poison” as he dubbed it) stance, Munger previously claimed “I’m not proud of my country for allowing this crypto shit,” and decried it as “beneath contempt” and “contrary to the interests of civilization.”

However, despite his fierce criticism, it appears that he’s already having a more tangible effect on the crypto space in the short time since his death than he ever did while he was alive.

Indeed, just minutes after Berkshire Hathaway announced the death of Warren Buffet’s right-hand man, the MUNGER meme coin pumped over 30,000%. Of course, the token has been as volatile as you’d expect and after its initial jump, dropped 34% in an hour on Wednesday.

It’s currently sitting at just $0.00000002921 and boasts a 24-hour trading volume of just $115,000.

We can assume that this is definitely not what Munger would have wanted.

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Henry Kissinger also has his own meme coin

Munger’s meme coin isn’t the only one that’s recently been boosted by the death of the person who inspired it. Just hours after the investment giant’s death was announced, he was joined in the obituary pages by prominent US diplomat Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger, the Holocaust survivor and Harvard professor who was once described as the “Playboy of the Western Wing” due to his colorful love life died aged 100 on Wednesday, according to his consulting firm. On November 30, the Henry Kissinger (KISSINGER) token appeared.

In the few short hours since it was launched, the coin has achieved $3,395 in trading volume and a market cap of more than $12,500.

While neither of these coins are putting down earth-shattering numbers and are likely to have pretty limited lifespans, it does show one thing: If you’re looking to launch a meme coin and want quick, short-term gains, you could do worse than name it after a very old rich white guy.

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