Government sites targeted by MetaMask scam

Crypto scammers are using the likeness of government websites from Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Nigeria, and Vietnam, among others, to lure victims into a fake MetaMask scam that drains victims’ crypto wallets.

As investigated by Cointelegraph, by clicking on the government website the user is redirected to a fake MetaMask website. Users are then prompted to enter the details of their MetaMask wallets. Anyone unfortunate enough to do this will unwittingly give the scammers complete access to the contents of their wallet.

If a MetaMask hack has affected you then make sure you seek help from its official channels. There are multiple MetaMask scam accounts on X (formerly Twitter) claiming to help return your funds if you write to the Gmail address they provide. Don’t do this — MetaMask doesn’t use Gmail and doesn’t DM online users.

The malicious MetaMask sites (via Cointelegraph).

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MetaMask consistently a target for crypto scammers

MetaMask is a popular online crypto wallet that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain, and because of this, it’s become a target for scams and hacks. 

A MetaMask developer recently claimed that since December 2022, over 5,000 ether (worth $10 million at the time) had been stolen from early adopters. “This is NOT a low-brow phishing site or a random scammer… It ONLY [steals from] OGs,” the developer claimed.

In February, MetaMask users were targeted when the domain registrar Namecheap was hacked. This led to a series of phishing emails being sent out that impersonated MetaMask and DHL in an attempt to drain user wallets. 

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