David Hirsch shuts down Pump.fun rumor after SEC exit

Former SEC crypto asset chief David Hirsch has denied reports that he’s set to join memecoin factory Pump.fun as its head of trading and says his next role won’t be with any such platform. 

“Hirsch, who was chief of the crypto asset and cyber unit in the SEC’s enforcement division, announced today that he was leaving the regulator after almost nine years.”

Shortly after Hirsch’s decision was announced, Binance News reported via PAmedia that he would be joining Pump.fun as a trading director. Pump.fun claims to offer users a streamlined way of creating any crypto token they want.

In its response, Pump.fun committed to the bit, taking the news even further and announcing that Hirsch had indeed joined as its head of trading, that the former regulator realized his work “was no longer fulfilling,” and that “he had to start a new chapter.”

Pump.fun’s initial announcement.

Pump.fun said, “A memelord at heart, David will be in charge of pump dot fun’s new internal trading desk, which will be in charge of launching over 1,000 coins per day!”

The site signed off by saying, “Many thanks to @binance for the professional coverage as always!”

When asked to clarify the news, Hirsch told Protos. “This is false. I have not yet announced my next role but it is not with this or any meme coin/platform.”

Indeed, when Hirsch announced his SEC departure, he said “I am very excited for the next set of challenges. I look forward to sharing more about that soon, but for now I’m excited for a break and travel with my family before my son heads to college in the fall.”

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Many users questioned the announcement, unsure what to make of the news while multiple users took the news seriously. One user joked Pump.fun, “Should have gone for @GaryGensler instead.” 

To top it off, at the time of writing, 17 David Hirsch tokens have been created on the Pump.fun site following the news.

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