Bitfinex Securities hasn’t seen a single trade in two months

Bitfinex Securities launched in September 2021 in the Astana International Financial Centre in Kazakhstan to provide a venue for capital raises and secondary sales of registered securities.

Since that time, Bitfinex has continued to invest in this entity. In September 2022, it announced that it had “added a dedicated headcount to the team…designed internal audit procedures, and developed a pipeline of tokenised securities.”

Bitfinex Securities has also continued to seek out other licenses, noting on its website that it is also regulated in El Salvador, with the Bitfinex Securities El Salvador S.A. de C.V. entity being the first to receive a “Digital Asset Service Provider” license in El Salvador.

However, despite all this progress and a “pipeline of tokenised securities,” this platform has been slow to see meaningful adoption.

Trading pair on Bitfinex Securities.

Currently, there are only three securities listed on the “Bitfinex Securities Official List,” and these are: 

  • EXO: the security token associated with Exordium Limited, a video game company led by former Blockstream executive Samson Mow, working to develop a game called Infinite Fleet.
  • BMN: The Blockstream Mining Note, a security meant to represent the bitcoin earned by deploying hashrate.
  • ALT2611: A tokenized bond issued by Mikro Kapital made up of “risks connected to debt and equity of micro-financing companies, small financial institutions, leasing companies, banks or credit cooperatives.” 

However, none of these assets have seen significant trading volume on this platform.

Trades on Bitfinex Securities.

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The EXO token seems to no longer be available for trading on Bitfinex Securities. Protos attempted to reach out to Exordium through the website linked on Bitfinex Securities, but that website’s contact form is broken. Protos sent over questions through the contact form on the Infinite Fleet website.

The BMN token has a volume of $5,440, with the last trade occurring on November 13th 2023. The ALT2612 token lists a volume of $0 and has no recorded trades.

There do not seem to be any other assets listed on Bitfinex Securities, and it appears that the platform has not seen a single trade in the last two months.

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