Soulja Boy tweets $24K pay-to-play deal with SafeMoon clone — then deletes it

Soulja Boy oopsied by tweeting that he stands to net $24,000 if his promotion of a SafeMoon rip-off actually works.

US rapper Soulja Boy accidentally tweeted what kind of money he makes for shilling cryptocurrencies on Twitter.

Last Wednesday, Soulja Boy revealed that SaferMars, a token riffing on SafeMars (which in turn riffs on Ponzi game SafeMoon) would pay anyone $24,000 for a tweet that secures the project enough buyers.

“Found an interesting project SaferMars – looks moon worthy 👍. $SFM Presale is now live on [redacted]🚀. They raising $240k, if they raise it after your tweet – will get you $24k,” tweeted Soulja Boy.

Screenshot courtesy of Crypto Deleted’s Telegram group.

It’s now commonplace for F-grade celebrities like Soulja Boy to shill shitcoins — especially at the tail-end of bull markets.

But this seems to be the first time Soulja Boy has done the right thing and disclosed a paid endorsement, albeit accidentally.

Of course, Soulja Boy quickly deleted the tweet and replaced it a few minutes later with some (relatively standard) shills:

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Soulja Boy could learn something from DJ Khaled

This might not end well for Soulja Boy.

Mega-wealthy boxer and influencer Floyd Mayweather advertised the outright crypto debit card fraud Centra back in 2018 without disclosing the payment he’d received.

The incident resulted in the SEC charging Mayweather alongside DJ Khaled with unlawfully touting initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Authorities found Centra paid Mayweather $100,000 to promote Centra while DJ Khaled netted just $50,000.

“Mayweather’s promotions included a message to his Twitter followers that Centra’s ICO ‘starts in a few hours. Get yours before they sell out, I got mine…’,” said the SEC.

That message reads eerily similar to what Soujla Boy tweeted regarding SaferMars last week.

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Mayweather was also said to have received $200,000 to promote two other ICOs around the same time.

The pair settled with the SEC in a deal forcing them to relinquish those payments. Mayweather paid a $300,000 fine while DJ Khaled was hit with a $100,000 penalty.

Other celebrities caught shilling cryptocurrencies for payment include movie star Steven Segal, entertainer Kevin Hart, and rapper T.I.

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