Listen to Goes bust, episode 5 of Innovated: Blockchain City

Goes bust, the fifth episode of our investigative podcast series, is out now.

Innovated: Blockchain City investigates the intricate tax scheme realized by Jeffrey Berns, chief exec of Blockchains LLC, in the Nevada desert.

Our Head of Investigations Cas Piancey and Head of Research Bennett Tomlin have been looking into the startup for months. Countless phone calls and emails later, they still haven’t heard back from anyone at Blockchains LLC or the Nevada Legislature.

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More about Goes bust

In Blockchain City Goes bust, Cas once again travels to Storey County in an attempt to understand how this utopian vision crumbled and to (hopefully) finally get an interview with someone at Blockchains.

Bennett and Cas both take a look at the reaction of the locals to the project, the discussions in the legislature, and try to understand how Governor Sisolak and Jeffrey Berns misjudged the demand for these new ‘Innovation Zones’.  

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