Listen to Cryptopia, episode 1 of Innovated: Blockchain City

Cryptopia, the first episode of our new podcast series, is out now.

Innovated: Blockchain City investigates the intricate tax scheme realized by Jeffrey Berns, chief exec of Blockchains LLC, in the Nevada desert.

Journalist Cas Piancey and data scientist Bennett Tomlin have been researching the startup for months. Countless phone calls and emails later, they still haven’t heard back from anyone at Blockchains LLC or the Nevada Legislature.

What started as a fun side project quickly snowballed into an untold story.

In Cryptopia, Cas and Bennett lay out all the major players. A couple billionaires, a brothel, an industrial zone, and a small town investigative journalist all collide to form a Blockchain City.

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Enjoyed Cryptopia? The next few episodes are already available:

The final segments of this podcast series are available March 8 and March 16. Don’t forget to follow Innovated: Blockchain City wherever you choose to listen.

More about Cryptopia

In 2018, Blockchains LLC chief exec Jeffrey Berns purchased 67,000 acres of land in the Nevada desert. Plans to create a fully autonomous Blockchain City were never realized.

After it swiftly fell out of public discourse, we began to wonder… how much of the story was never reported? Journalist Cas Piancey and data scientist Bennett Tomlin drive down to Nevada and investigate.

Cryptopia is the first of five episodes in the new podcast series Innovated: Blockchain City.

The official trailer for Innovated: Blockchain City.

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